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Are you ready for the sweet taste of summer? 

Published on: 15-06-2023

Serbian blueberry season has just begun. For inquiries please send email to office@dotika.com

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Serbian blueberry production and export on the rise

Published on: 24-11-2021

Blueberry plantations in Serbia have seen explosive growth in the past five years. They have reached 2,500 hectares in acreage. Producing more than 6,000 tons of produce, and the acreage is still rapidly growing. Blueberry plantations are large and use the latest technology and practices in both production and trade. Serbian produce exporter Dotika wants […]

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Srpska borovnica stigla i do Hong Konga

Published on: 23-11-2021

Srbija je poznata kao poljoprivredna zemlja sa izvandrednim uslovima za voćarstvo i povrtarstvo. Trend koji se polako uspostavlja u našem voćarstvu je povećanje izvoza svežeg konzumnog voća koje dostiže mnogo više cene po jedinici nego zamrznuto voće. Ono je najčešće namenjeno industrijskoj proizvodnji. Jedna takva mala revolucija desila se i u izvozu svežih borovnica. Od […]

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Work in progress. Raspberry Enrosadira ™️ in greenhouse.

Published on: 17-05-2019

The red raspberry cultivar ‘Enrosadira’ was found in Trentino (Italy). The new cultivar is a primocane fruit-bearing variety producing two crops per year.

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Dotika at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Published on: 16-05-2019

The Novi Sad Fair will once again allow Serbian companies to meet directly with representatives of companies from all over the world.

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In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Dallmayr Academy. SCA Barista certification

Published on: 15-05-2019

The best in every respect, since 1700.Dallmayr in Munich is a meeting place for gourmets from around the world.

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