We’ve selected these refreshing raspberries to suit even the most discerning tastebuds. Our raspberries are delicate, decadent and bursting with flavour.

Subtly sweet; delicious with a dollop of cream or perfect straight from the punnet.

Fat-free and low in calories, these refreshingly sweet raspberries are the perfect pick-me-up.

Pick your perfect punnet

When buying raspberries, look for deep, red berries. Raspberries may vary in size, some being more conical than others, but they should all be consistent and uniform. Remember our raspberries are ready ripened when you buy them, perfect straight from the punnet.

Keep cool

Store raspberries in the fridge, between 2 and 4 °C, as soon as possible after purchase. Keep the punnet upright and handle carefully to avoid bruising.

Rinse & raise

Get the most out of your brilliant berries, by bringing them up to room temperature and washing before devouring. Enjoy your burst of berry goodness.

And don’t forget when it comes to raspberries, the more the berrier.
Nutrition per 100g
218 kJ in raspberries
0.6g Fat in raspberries
4.6g Carbohydrate in raspberries
1.2g Protein in raspberries
6.5g Fibre in raspberries
32mg Vitamin C in raspberries