Krem krem is made from the best natural ingredients (high-quality roasted hazelnuts and full-fat milk). Krem krem success is its special, carefully chosen, high-quality ingredients, strict quality control and Krem krem, eurocrem attractive and practical packaging. Thanks to the high-energy value of its ingredients, Krem krem is an ideal addition to children’s and athletes’ diets. It is also rich in calcium, which is extremely important for the balanced development of children. Krem krem, eurocrem can be used as a spread, a pancake filling, to accompany ice cream, in the preparation of cakes or gateaux or as a treat on its own. 

There are different packages and flavor  available: 500gr, 1000g, 6000g. Milk (white), hazelnut cocoa (brown) or Mix of milk hazelnut and cocoa (white-brown).