The name Dallmayr stands for outstanding product and service quality with a tradition going back more than 300 years and is one of the best-known German brands of coffee.

We have local roots in Munich – and are also active throughout the world. Over time, the trade with local and international delicatessens gave rise to the famous delicatessen with its own restaurant and a event-catering service. The coffee business and the vending machine service have developed over the last 50 years to become the company’s largest divisions. Our experience in the various areas and the pooling of these competencies make us a respected partner in trade, in the service sector and in the food service industry today.

How it all began – Dallmayr through the ages

The early days: The first records of the company which would later bear the name “Dallmayr” date back to 1700. At this time, a merchant from Munich called Christian Reitter operated a trading business.
In 1870 the company is given its current name Alois Dallmayr by the owner and merchant Alois Dallmayr from Wolnzach in the Hellertau.
in 1895 a woman at the helm: Alois Dallmayr sells the building and the store to Anton Randlkofer. After the death – just two years later – the widow Therese Randlkofer takes over the management of the company. This caused a sensation at the time: a woman in charge of a company!
Around 1900 under the management of the competent Therese Randlkofer, Dallmayr soon becomes one of thebest delicatessens in Europe. The company is awarded the titel of purveyor to the royal court of Bavaria and boasts a list of customers which includes the German imperial court, as well as 14 other European royal houses.
In 1912 the upturn and expansion: the store is more then doubled in size. Around 70 people are now employed here.
1931 – difficult times: the persistently poor economic situation after Black Friday puts Dallmayr under pressure. Hermann Randlkofer looks for a new mainstay – and decides on coffee.
In 1933 Konrad Werner WIlle, a coffee expert from Bremen aged only 19, establishes a specialist department for coffee at Dallmayr. He pirchases the green coffee, oversees work at the roasting machine himself and organises the sales. The Dallmayr Coffee brand is born.
1940s – left in ruins. The war brings disaster. The headquarters on Dienerstrasse are razed to the ground. Paul Randlkofer and Konrad Werner Wille devote all their energies to the reconstruction.
1950s – reconstruction and initial successes: with its artistic facade, the Dallmayr building has a new splendour. The coffee business is developing successfully – and it is not long before the good reputation of the company relates to coffee just as much as to the delicatessen.
1960s – Establishment of Alois Dallmayr Vending & Office. Dallmayr is one of the first companies in Germany to develop high-quality products for vending machines. This lays the foundation for Alois Dallmayr Vending & Office. Konrad Werner Wille creates the speciality prodomo which soon delights coffee lovers throughout Bavaria.
1977 – New management. Wolfgang Wille, the son of Konrad Werner Wille, and Georg Randlkofer , the great-grandson of Anton and Theresa Randlkofer, take over the management of the company.
1991 – Expanding abroad. The first Dallmayr vending machines are installed in Central and Eastern Europe.
2005 – Forward thinking. Dallmayr Card Systems is established and thus completes the portfolio offered by Dallmayr Vending & Office.
2006 – The largest renovations of the delicatessen since the reconstruction after Second World War are completed. The top-class Restaurant Dallmayr and the Cafe-Bistro Dallmayr are opened.
2009 – Step into the food service industry. Dallmayr coffee and tea are offered in an increasing number of cafes, restaurants and hotels. 
2014 – Knowledge creates pleasure. The Dallmayr Academy is opened under this slogan in 2014.
2015 – Florian Randlkofer takes over the management of the company from his father Georg Randlkofer, as the 5th generation. Dallmayr is now managed jointly by Florian Randlkofer and Wolfgang Wille.
Today – The name Dallmayr stands for the delicatessen in Munich and one of the best-known German brands of coffee. The family-run company has local roots in Munich and is also active throughout the world. Around 3.800 employees ensure the highest quality in all areas of the business.